2008 Corvette Z06 ‘Track Car’ Being Sold Below Book Value

Dealer states that this Corvette Z06 may not pass a state safety inspection, so it is being sold cheap.

The C6 Corvette Z06 is still one of the most track-capable road cars that Chevrolet has ever offered up, so it comes as no surprise that an owner would add a few aftermarket goodies, like aerodynamic components, wheels, and tires. It is, however, strange that someone would trade in a C6 Z06 with features that would cause it to fail and annual state safety inspection and it is even more curious that a dealership in an inspection state would take such a car in on trade, but that is precisely the case with this LS7-powered car we found on Autotrader.com.

According to the dealership information, this Corvette is a “track car” that will not pass Virginia’s annual safety inspection. As a result, it cannot be financed, there is no warranty and while it comes with a list of repairs needed to pass inspection, it is sold “as is”. The repairs needed to become legal in Virginia are up to the buyer, but that is why it is being sold well below book value.

Z06 Track Car

Unfortunately, there are no details as to what exactly makes this 2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 a track car. In fact, there are no details on the upgrades at all, but we can pick out a few things in the available pictures.

Most notably, this Z06 appears to be riding on CCW wheels wrapped in Hoosier race tires. It also has a larger front splitter, aftermarket side skirts and it looks like it might be sitting lower than a stock C6, so it might have some aftermarket suspension bits. The interior looks all original and it is spotless. There are no race seats, gutted dash or roll cage, making us question the whole “track car” idea.

While the tires might not pass Virginia safety inspection, you would think that the dealership would just swap the wheels and tires if that was the biggest problem. That leads us to believe that there might be more done to this car to cause it to fail a safety inspection, but it looks pretty much perfect inside and out.

However, since it will not pass inspection and it is being sold in Virginia, the dealership is selling it for well under book value. Kelly Blue Book lists the value range as being between $31,000 and $35,000, but it is being offered up for just $27,283.


Out-of-State Special

While the fact that it won’t pass Virginia state safety inspect might scare off buyers in that state, there are many states around the country which have no annual safety check-up. For instance, there is absolutely nothing preventing this car from being driven on the road in Michigan, so for someone in that state or some other state with an annual inspection, this listing provides a great chance to score a clean C6 Corvette Z06 for thousands below book value.

Of course, the other idea is that someone who really wants a track car could buy it and complete the switch, lightening up the interior, adding more power and going racing, but as clean as it is, this Corvette Z06 would make a great driver for someone in a carefree state.