With a strong heritage of building aerodynamic parts, ExtremeOnlineStore has been and will continue to provide our customers with high-quality exterior parts for a wide range of domestic and imported vehicles - offered at the lowest prices on the market. As one of the largest manufacturer in the aero performance sector, every product is engineered and validated to follow the ASTM Durability of Nonmetallic Material Standards

(ASTM's durability of nonmetallic material standards provide the appropriate procedures for carrying out environmental exposure tests to determine the durability, service life, and weathering behavior of certain nonmetallic materials. These tests are conducted to examine and evaluate the algal resistance, light exposure behavior, activation spectrum, spectral irradiance and distribution, and microbial susceptibility of nonmetals, which include polymeric materials, glass, and plastic films. These standards also present the proper calibration and operational procedures for the instruments used in conducting such tests such as pyrheliometer, UV radiometer and spectroradiometer, pyranometer, carbon arc, fluorescent, and xenon arc light apparatuses, metal black panel and white panel temperature devices, and sharp cut-on filter. These durability of nonmetallic material standards are useful to manufacturers and other users concerned with such materials and products in understanding their resilience and stability mechanism.)

We offer in-house designs, tooling, and manufacturing capabilities. In order to reduce the chance of crack and break, we use high-quality Carbon Fiber and Polypropylene to mass-produce unique parts that are more durable than any other materials

A wide range of products is available in our warehouses, which are strategically located in California. All parts are ready to ship straight from the warehouse right to your garage, so you don't have to wait long after you place your order. 
Our items & services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guaranty and we will meet or beat any advertised prices on comparable products.

Last but not least, with our years of experience, we know how to give you the most reliable products and the greatest deals. The people behind the business are experts in the field. With our expertise, you will be guaranteed quality service.