2022-Up Toyota GR86 Artisan Spirit Package Front Lip Splitter Installation EOS ft.@Justinackerman_

 In the video,@Justinackerman_installs a front lip splitter on a Toyota GR86, showcasing the process step by step. He begins by moving the car into a larger garage for more workspace and introduces Extreme Online Store, the supplier of the front lip splitter.

Justinackerman_ unboxes the front lip splitter, discussing its material options and potential customization, such as painting it to match the car's color or opting for carbon fiber. The installation process involves removing the front bumper, drilling holes, and securing the front lip splitter with provided hardware. After completing the installation, Justinackerman_ shares his thoughts on the appearance of the front lip splitter and plans for potential future modifications, thanking Extreme Online Store for sponsoring the video.