5 Best Mods to Make Your Camaro Stand Out

5 Best Mods to Make Your Camaro Stand Out

Are you ready to make some changes to your Camaro’s appearance? Good news – you have lots of options available to you. From splitters to rocker panels and spoilers, we’ve put together a list of the five must-have exterior mods for Camaro. Take a look and see which of these mods speaks to you.

1. Front Lips

Enthusiasts sometimes mix up front spoilers with front lips, as both are in the same automotive region. Even worse, sometimes front lips are also referred to as front splitters! Don’t let the names confuse you – there are some distinct features each one offers. Knowing the difference can help you make a better decision about what's best for you. Front lips are attached to the last few inches of a bumper. Typically, front lips are smaller than spoilers to extend bumpers down to appear closer to the ground. Some Camaro owners prefer this close-to-the-ground look for their cars. And front lips help to reduce drag from the underside of a vehicle. Front lips can also reduce pressure from airflow and improve your Camaro’s traction. This leads to a boost in overall performance.

2. Side Skirts

Also known as rocker panels or side rockers, these panels serve several great benefits for your CamaroSide Skirts protect potential damage from rocks and debris These skirts function similar to mud flaps in keeping road debris from bouncing up onto your car's finish. This will help protect the paint from chipping. Side Skirts improve the aerodynamics of your Camaro The best vehicle performance comes through an undisturbed flow of air from the front of a car to the back. Side Skirts stop the air from blowing under your car. This can enhance aerodynamic performance. Side Skirts look stylish Perhaps the best advantage to rocker panels is the slick, stylish look they give your car.

3. Rear Spoilers

Rear Spoilers instantly create a sporty look to your Camaro, and that alone provides a great benefit. But Spoilers do much more than look good on your vehicle. These mods effectively "spoil" the air around them to better enhance traction and performance. Many car owners also notice stability in braking, as well as an improvement in gas mileage.

4. Hood Vents

Depending on your needs, hood vents may provide a big help in your high-performance Camaro. These mods help to move air out of the engine bay toward the back of your car. This may sound weird at first – why would anyone want to remove cold air coming into their engine? The truth is that this mod can help move more hot air out much faster. Keeping the engine ventilated is a great way to keep it running efficiently. This is true even for everyday vehicles (not just Camaros for racing).

5. Seat Covers

Upgrade your 6th Gen Camaro's seats with these luxurious, sporty leather seat covers from Kustom Interior. Choose from a variety of color options for this artificial leather to complement your car's leather interior design or exterior paint job. With a 100% fitment guarantee, you can rest assured that these 6th Gen Camaro seat covers will work perfectly and look fantastic. The surface is waterproof and delightfully soft to the touch, protecting your factory upholstery leather seats from damage while also enhancing your comfort. 

Quality Counts in Exterior Mods

Your Camaro, and how you equip it, reflects your own unique style. That's why you ought to choose carefully when it comes to exterior mods. It's also why you should go with a quality company that offers industry-leading products. Extreme Online Store delivers a one-stop solution to quality, durable mods. Don't ever settle when it comes to your car. Get in touch with us here at Extreme Online Store to customize your Camaro just how you want it.