Aerodynamics and Carbon fiber - why it matters

Aerodynamics and Carbon fiber - why it matters

The words “aerodynamic” and “carbon fiber” are synonymous with many favorite high-performance sports cars like Corvettes C7 and C8, Camaros, and Mustangs. This article will look at how carbon fiber and aerodynamics take your car’s performance to the next level.

Body kit material

Not many things can transform the look of a car as much as a new body kit. A body kit can include a front splitter, front lip, side skirts rocker panels, a rear spoiler or front or rear bumper replacements, and more. However, aesthetics are not the only reason to buy a body kit for your Corvette! Well-engineered kits, like those at Extreme Online Store, can significantly enhance the speed, handling, and performance of your car, especially when made from good-quality light material.

Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is an extremely strong material made by mixing resin with fibers of carbon. The advantage of using carbon is that it reduces the risk of breakage and cracking that can occur with regular use, making it perfect for performance cars. But best of all, it’s lightweight. Performance body kit parts and accessories made from carbon fiber are about half the weight of products made with alternative materials. As all car lovers know, the lighter the vehicle, the faster and more fuel-efficient. But carbon fiber can be more expensive.

What are the alternatives?

When planning out a car modification project, most people will look at alternatives to carbon fiber and weigh up the pros and cons depending on their needs and budget. The most common alternative is fiberglass, made from a mix of glass or silicon fibers and a higher amount of resin than carbon. The downside with fiberglass is that it's much heavier than carbon fiber and lacks strength and longevity in comparison. This means it's more prone to cracking and tears, but it is typically more affordable. 

Other alternatives, such as ABS plastic, are harder to paint when used for body kits and are not flexible. However, ABS plastic is perfect for certain car parts and accessories like spoilers, especially when finished with carbon fiber.   

All Extreme Online Store products are made with a unique blend of high-quality carbon fiber and polypropylene, making our products more durable and stronger than other materials.


Performance car aero accessories and body kits are engineered to redirect the air around the car in a way that enhances its performance (that is, increase speed, improve handling, and fuel efficiency). In most cases, these kits are designed with a low reach, so the air dams, front lip spoilers, and splitters nearly touch the road. 

When a car is set up with a well-designed aerodynamic body kit, you’ll see a massive difference in how it handles on the road. For example, when driven fast, the front end will stick to the road better because of the downforce created as it moves. Your vehicle will accelerate better and be more stable and controlled when cornering.  

At Extreme Online Store, we have an array of options available that not only improve the look of your Corvette but will enhance its performance, including side skirts to grip the road better and spoilers for downforce and stability when cornering.

Ask the experts

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the right DIY performance parts and accessories for your Corvette! At Extreme Online Store, we know Corvette owners want performance and like to add some custom touches. We have an impressive selection of Corvette C8 and C7 parts on offer and want to ensure you select the right kit for your car so you are pleased with your purchase.

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