Breaking: C8 Z06 will Receive Twin-turbo Flat-plane V8

Thanks to the exotic sound of the C8.R, we can confirm the C8 Z06 will be embracing a flat-plane design and leaving push-rods in the past.

Since the recent reveal of the C8 Corvette, the performance vehicle market has been turned upside down. The mid-engine legend was revealed to be true to its spy shots and renders, and its sub $60,000 price point and base-model 500 HP V8 literally had the whole automotive community shocked. Many of us were so blown away by the reveal of the base model that we forgot all about the hardcore version: the Z06.

However, Chevy didn’t sleep a minute while designing the C8. We didn’t have full details about engine design in the C8 other than power figures and general design. We had even less understanding at what possibly was going to power the C8 Z06, when it gets released. However, thanks to an internal leak discovered by MotorTrend, it has been confirmed that the new C8 Z06 will feature a twin-turbo flat-plane V8...


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