C6 Corvette Forum Build Shoots for 700+ N/A Horsepower

Most Corvette guys turn to boost for added power these days. But this C6 is sticking with good old fashioned N/A motivation.

These days, boosted cars are all the rage. And for good reason – superchargers and turbos are incredibly easy and efficient ways to make lots of power. But there are a few folks out there in the world that prefer their Corvette make its power the old fashioned way. Including Corvette Forum member 441LSXTT. Needless to say, his approach is akin to taking the hard road. But we’re loving every minute of his build thread so far.

Well, I decided that my H/C/I LS7 with 625 whp wasn’t enough N/A power for a daily driver. So now I have Erik at HPR building me a 468 LS7 N/A monster. Here are the specs I have so far.

GM LS7 block with Darton sleeves

K1 4.250 stroke crank cut down to accept small journal bearing rods

Callies small journal bearing rods

HPR custom 4.185 dome pistons by CP

HPR custom hydraulic cam 26*/27*….74*/74*…112 LSA

Brodix BR7 BS heads done by WCCH with Ti intake valves and inconel exhaust valves

G1Pro custom billet with long runners (7-inch runners with 10% taper full radius bell mouth)

PAC springs

Crower 1.8 shaft mount rockers with needle bearing tip

Katech red ported oil pump

C5R timing chain.

Compression will be around 13.0 since I will be running E85.

ARH 2i-nch headers with off-road 3-inch x-pipe. Can’t decide whether to keep my Corsa exhaust or dump it

Goal is 700+ whp

All of which sounds like a pretty reasonable way to keep up with the boosted Corvette guys. And in what seems like no time at all, this naturally-aspirated beast is coming together quite nicely.

But as the OP notes, that doesn’t mean this kind of thing comes cheaply.

It’s $28k for the long block. Block, heads, cam, bad *** valvetrain, custom billet intake, Katech oil pump, and upgrade options.

As we all know, of course, perfection isn’t cheap. But this Corvette engine, including its custom billet intake, is truly a work of art.

While all of this is in motion, the OP’s confidence in his new engine’s capability grows.

They just built a 468 with Mamo LS7 heads, a stock MSD intake, 11.5 compression, and a cam with around 650 lift. It made a little over 670 whp and 630 lb-ft on 93 octane. With a paddle shift transmission. I am using a better intake, better heads, and a way bigger cam. Plus a standard TR6060 transmission, 13.1 compression, and E85. I definitely should be over 700 hp.

At this point, we aren’t sure who’s more excited to watch this gorgeous Corvette powerplant come together – the OP or us. Regardless, it isn’t long before we all get to see this work of art finished and ready to go into the OP’s Corvette.

At this point, we’re still waiting to see if the OP achieves his goal of 700+ wheel hp. But as nasty as this build is, we doubt he has any problems getting there with a little tuning. So be sure and head over here to catch up on this badass build, and stay tuned for future updates!