C7 Corvette Coasts to the Drag Radial Quarter Mile World Record

Twin turbocharged Corvette runs in the high 5s at over 250 miles per hour after lifting early.

While running at the recent Import Vs Domestic World Cup Finals, Ken Quartuccio Jr. covered the quarter-mile in just 5.86 seconds, setting the world record for the quickest quarter-mile run by any vehicle on drag radial tires. The folks from the BigKleib34 YouTube channel were on hand to catch the record being set more than once at this event.

Best of all, he set the record while letting off before the finish line, so this car could go considerably quicker on a full pass once Quartuccio Jr. becomes more comfortable with his wicked C7 Corvette.

Proline Power

The video above begins and ends with footage of this monstrous C7 race car participating at the Import Vs Domestic World Cup Finals and we will talk about the runs in a second. First, we want to talk about the details of this little red Corvette, which we learn in the middle of the clip.

When the cameraman catches up to Ken Quartuccio Jr. in the pits, he explains that the car is powered by a Proline 481X race engine, fitted with a huge pair of turbochargers that are mounted just upstream of the exhaust tips poking out of the front fenders. The engine is tuned to produce around 3,800 horsepower and while we don’t know if that is at the wheels or the crankshaft, but it really doesn’t matter, as either number is impressive. More importantly, while the power numbers are impressive, this C7 Corvette is set up to make the most of that power, using the Skinny Kid Racing chassis to pull short times in the 1.0 to 1.1 range.

Finally, while speaking with Quartuccio Jr., we learn that he usually runs an 8th mile series, so he just came out to the quarter mile event for fun. He explains that the car could run 5.70s in the quarter mile, but as he is learning the car, he lifts early to stay in the 5.80s. Mind you, while letting off and coasting through in the 5.80s, he is still setting a world record for drag radial race cars.


Track Action

The first track action in the video shows the red Corvette making a single pass down the track and even as the car dances around a bit, Quartuccio Jr. runs a 5.97 at 218 miles per hour. Next, he takes on a 4g Camaro, running a 5.98 at 234 miles per hour, but in the third run, the racing really gets good.

While taking on a Plymouth Barracuda, Quartuccio and his Corvette laid down a 5.88 at 250.88 miles per hour, setting the quarter mile world record for a car with drag radial tires. After that, he took on an unidentifiable pro stock-style import and reset the record, running a 5.86 at 253.75 miles per hour.

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