C7 Corvette Sting Ray Cracks 1,000 Horsepower on the Dyno

Late Model Racecraft works their magic on this red-on-black C7.

Forum sponsor Late Model Racecraft sure seems to be busy these days. Of course, with infamous events, like TX2K coming up, that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. More of a surprise is going to be the result after anyone challenges this red C7, whether it be on the freeway, or the drag strip.

Posted to the LMR YouTube channel, this red C7 Sting Ray looks totally stock, well, at least, other than the Z07-derived rear lip spoiler. So it’s going to be a big surprise to everyone once the driver of this Corvette opens the taps because this thing is making 1,000 horsepower, thanks to some Late Model Racecraft magic.


Specifically, the car features their LMR1000 kit, which, at $29,999, isn’t cheap, but hey, you gotta pay to play. It’s a comprehensive overhaul, so don’t think your money is going to waste. The bottom end gets forged pistons and a big cam package. The heads are custom-machined by LMR and have literally every piece upgraded, from the pushrods to valve springs and lifters. Then the fueling is upgraded, which is important to supply enough fuel to match the needs of the big supercharger the bolt on the engine. Of course, supporting mods, like intake, headers, exhaust are also included, as well as upgraded plugs and other odds and ends to round things off.

The results seem to speak for themselves because this little red Corvette sounds absolutely awesome on the rollers. While we don’t see the final numbers, the name “LMR1000” kind of explains things rather nicely. If that doesn’t do it for you, then just listen to the sound the blower makes or the exhaust.