C7 Sets Fastest Time for Corvettes on the Cannonball Run

Arriving in Los Angeles in 29 hours, 48 minutes, two lunatics demonstrate why the C7 Corvette is the best car for the job.

The sun over the C7 era of the Corvette is quickly setting into the horizon for the last time, a new dawn to come in July with the public unveiling of the C8 era of America’s Supercar. The last C7 is already set to hit the auction block at Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast Auction in Connecticut, and we’re sure one of the first C8s will head down the auction house’s red carpet in the future, too.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some history left to be made with the C7. Case in point: the Cannonball Run. VINwiki invited Troy Schneider to talk about what he and his co-pilot, Steven Groh, did with their ‘Vette to send out the era with a bang.


“The Corvette’s an American icon,” said Schneider. “It’s America’s sports car. It’s been important to our automotive culture. In the last two decades, especially, it’s really become a top performer in the performance world, especially for the price.”

Schneider adds that he’s always dreamed of seeing an American car take the Cannonball run record, as the sea-to-shining-sea affair “is America’s greatest race.” Thus, it was only fitting that an American brand get the title.