C8 Corvette Can Make Anyone Feel Like A Hero, says Automobile

Automobile dives deep on the C8, covering everything from interior quality to its amazing handling.

With so much buzz surrounding the new mid-engined Corvette, we won’t blame you if you’re over the blind praise. That’s not to say it isn’t a fantastic car, but having the full story is always welcome.

That’s why we are so glad to see the Automobile Magazine First Drive review of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette. This review is as in-depth as they come and is a fantastic benchmark for what it’s like to street drive the mid-engine marvel without ever sitting in one.

Handling capability beyond comprehension

Though the C7 was a massive step in the right direction for Corvette in the world of cornering quickly and efficiently, it seems the C8 is everything its predecessor could never be.

“It drives brilliantly. The 2020 Chevy Corvette is a balanced, incredibly quick, and capable thing, packed with performance-enhancing technology optimized by some of the world’s best chassis tuners. Its composure, the delicacy of its feel, and its holistic execution are perhaps unlike any other vehicle’s in the history of General Motors—and GM has kicked out more satisfying cars than we have space to list,” says Automobile.

Switching to a mid-engine platform allows for better weight balance than any Corvette before it. While some die-hard “fans” have an issue with this change, it is definitely not a new thought for Chevrolet. A mid-engine Corvette has long been a concept, and they are fully reaping the benefits of the change. More centralized weight distribution and a lower sitting engine make for very drastic effects. Automobile repeatedly references the sharp and nimble steering of the C8.

“There is a touch of safe understeer, but it’s dialed out easily enough by easing off the accelerator when the nose is perfectly willing to tuck itself back in. Be judicious getting back on the throttle, and the 2020 Corvette will hook up and hurtle itself out of corners with stupefying speed,” says Automobile.

Aesthetically pleasing, inside and out

Another key talking point is the C8’s interior. With an entire platform change comes a drastic different from previous generations.  The new Corvette interior is a bit more thought out than its older siblings. The profuse plastic of yesteryear is no longer present. Instead, you’ll find carbon fiber and Alcantara on many of the surfaces. There is a distinct lack of shared parts with other GM products. The C8 Corvette interior, it seems, belongs solely to the C8 Corvette...


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