C8 Corvette Makes Surprise Visit to the National Corvette Museum Bash

Arrival of a mid-engine test mule at the huge annual event meant that every generation Corvette was represented.

The annual Michelin National Corvette Museum Bash is an amazing event for fans of the legendary American sports car, with all sorts of Corvette-themed activities, including lap time on the road course across the street from the museum and cruises to all sorts of local businesses. Of course, there are also plenty of Corvettes on display, with the collection inside of the museum being joined by countless privately-owned machines outside.

The NCM Bash is a truly all-inclusive Corvette event and with the debut of the C8 set for this summer, General Motors decided to make sure that every generation of the all-American sports car was represented at the event; even if only for a short time. To make that happen, one of the C8 Corvette test cars popped into the museum on the final day of the Bash, giving attendees a chance to see the future of the Chevrolet sports car program in person.


More importantly, this C8 cameo, captured and shared by the National Corvette Museum YouTube channel, gave the huge crowd of devout Corvette fans a chance to hear the mid-engine car roar during a quick pull on the way out.


As you can see in the video above, the C8 test car drove into the circular driveway at the front of the National Corvette Museum with hundreds of people gathered around the outer perimeter. This Chevy sports car is more heavily camouflaged than the car that Mary Barra and Tadge Juechter debuted at the Stephen Siller Tunnels to Towers Foundation Gala in New York City, with the usual black-and-white vinyl wrap being joined by cladding over the front fascia, the rear hatch and down over the taillights.


In short, many details of the car are hidden, but after years of GM executives denying that a mid-engine Corvette program existed, it is nice just to see the company showing off the next generation of the legendary sports car.


While the driver crept through the entry area, he gave the throttle a few quick pops, allowing us to hear the engine a bit. Better yet, when he pulled out of the museum driveway and onto the road, he climbed into the throttle just hard enough to make some noise. This gives us a great chance to hear the mid-engine Corvette clear its throat. Additionally, we also get to hear the lightning-quick automatic transmission pop though a few gears.