C8 Corvette Spied Driving Toward GM’s Milford Proving Grounds

Latest sighting of a C8 Corvette mule looks to be very revealing. But is it, really?

We may not know when GM will finally pull the covers off the C8 Corvette, but we do know they’re testing their forthcoming mid-engine machine all over the globe. That includes places like Germany’s Nurburgring and the legendary Laguna Seca.

But the latest C8 Corvette sighting comes to us from GM’s home base of Michigan, courtesy of Corvette Forum member

ShagVette. The OP posted the picture, along with a video he found on Twitter, in this thread for our perusal.

Needless to say, this new development spurned a slew of feedback from other members. Staring with Tom73, who points out the car’s rather square steering wheel shape. But of course, another member predicted this month ago.

Several members also note the strange shape of the rocker panel, as well as the nose. But of course, these could just be areas that GM is trying extra hard to hide or distort.

OnPoint has a more interesting (and rather funny) idea of what it could be.

“That’s padding and the base of the optional front external golf bag storage package. Just lay the bag down flat behind that lil’ bump – special Corvette badges/bungee cords hold it down. For those who simply have no other car in which they can drive to the golf course.”

Regardless, it’s obvious to jimmyb that GM is just toying with us at this point in the C8 Corvette developmental process.

“There’s all sorts of foolishness going on under the camo. The rear “spoiler” look like a garden hose wrapped in camo tape, and they continued that styling on the front end. The side scoop and door detail is obviously padded to death so there’s no telling what they look like.”

And jefnvk confirms that fact with his own personal experience.

“It’s 3D camo, not the real sculpting. I work on some far more mundane camo cars than this. Even I don’t know what most of the body lines look like on those until the car’s been publicly revealed and we get to rip it all off. The people that get to decorate these things can be quite a mischievous and creative bunch.”

Which proves an important point. We tend to over analyze these spy shots, but these are far from finished products. But still, we want to know what you think. So head over here and check out all our member’s observations about this latest C8 Corvette sighting. And then, tell us what you think about it!