Chase Away the Gray in a Lime Rock Green C7 Corvette Z51

With a warm Kalahari leather interior and a pair of tops to leave at home, 2014 Corvette Z51 is the bees’ knees.

There are only a few more weeks of winter left before the gray skies and cold winds give way to sunny days and the green of spring. And if you’re shopping for a Corvette, now would be the time to snag one, if only to prepare it for the warm days to come.

So, if you are shopping for a new Corvette, why not stop at our Corvette Forum forums first? We happened upon a C7 that embodies spring through and through, one that could make your garage spring to life all year long.

“This is a C7 collector’s item,” says the seller, forum member LimeRockC7. “2014 7-Speed manual Z51 in the 3LT package, Kalahari Leather, Carbon Interior package, Carbon Competition Seats, Painted Calipers and more.”

While we aren’t sure about the “collector’s item” bit, this is a very rare, and, in our opinion, desirable C7. The color combo of Lime Rock over Kalahari is an uncommon, and delightful looking pick. That the car has an excellent 7-speed manual transmission and the performance goodies, like those comfy competition seats, makes it an excellent buy for someone who wants the true C7 experience.

The Lime Rock Green Corvette has always been garaged, according to the seller, and only has around 22,700 miles on the 6.2-liter LT1 V8. The tires are nearly new, and you get a pair of tops to install to keep the dust out of the lovely tan leather interior.

The seller warns that this Corvette isn’t for those who are 6’4″ or above; he happens to be a bit tall himself, thus the sale. But if you’re the right height, and are ready to praise the sun, then this green-and-tan wonder needs to be in your garage.