Chevrolet Already Considering Redesign on 2019 Camaro

2019 Camaro SS SEMA display vehicle showcases subtle, but important design tweak.

The 2018 Camaro SS was a very handsome car, if, perhaps, a bit subtle. However, for 2019, Chevrolet turned up the aggression, giving us a sharply-angled maw and 3D bubble tail lights. To be frank, people hate it, a lot. Despite only having been on sale for about two months, the already falling Camaro sales have plunged further. Fortunately, Chevy is paying attention, and, rather interestingly, has already shown off a lightly-revised 2019.5 Camaro. In fact, we showcased it here on LS1tech last week.

When Chevrolet showcased the Shock Yellow color for the 2019 Camaro that is set to debut at SEMA, they also debuted something else. In fact, it can be seen in the image above. Can you spot the difference?

On the left is the regular 2019 Camaro SS, painted in Shock Yellow. Beside it is the SEMA show car. What a massive difference a front fascia and grille swap can make! The black slat with the “flow tie” has been painted body color, and the flow tie moved into the upper grille. Despite being such a simple tweak, this brings a much more cohesive, and handsome look to the 2019 Camaro. Additionally, it also now more closely resembles the non-SS Camaro, which, many claimed, got the better facelift than the SS.

Seeing as these images are directly from Chevrolet, a lightly-revised 2019.5, or 2020 Camaro SS is clearly on the horizon. To us, this is a massive visual upgrade. We will be the SEMA show next week, and will report back on how the revised look is received by the public. We’re guessing this is a big step in the right direction.

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Chevrolet Already Considering Redesign on 2019 Camaro