Corvette C7 3" 6.2L V8 3" Connection Performance X-Pipe Installation & Sound Clip EOS ft. @Esbei2SS


The video discusses the installation of a 3-inch X-Pipe from Extreme Online Store on a Corvette C7 6.2L V8 for improved exhaust performance and sound. The X-Pipe is designed as a direct bolt-on part, making it compatible with the stock Corvette exhaust. Its 3-inch size distinguishes it from other options in the market. The installation process involves removing the chassis brace, loosening bolts, and replacing the rubber hanger near the muffler. The kit includes two pieces, clamps, new gaskets, and bolts. The X-Pipe not only enhances the sound by replacing secondary catalytic converters but also increases the overall loudness of the car. The video includes a demonstration of the before and after sound clips. The installation is considered straightforward, and the kit's inclusion of necessary components, like new gaskets and bolts, simplifies the process. In the future, the reviewer plans to pair the X-Pipe with long tube headers for a more comprehensive exhaust system upgrade. The product is recommended for its ease of installation and noticeable impact on the car's sound.