Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber Engine Bay Panel Cover Installation Extreme Online Store ft. @eight16garage

The video showcases a carbon fiber engine bay panel cover for the Corvette C8 from Extreme Online Store. Although the product is advertised as a single piece, it actually consists of three separate pieces. The carbon fiber panel is designed for easy installation, as it comes pre-taped. The installation process involves cleaning the engine bay surface with diluted isopropyl alcohol to remove contaminants, then test-fitting each piece to ensure proper alignment before removing the backing tape and adhering them permanently.

During the installation, the presenter notes some gaps around the edges and molding but finds that overall, the panels fit well and enhance the aesthetic of the engine bay. The carbon fiber panels replace the original, faded parts, providing a more polished and visually appealing look. The presenter demonstrates how to peel the tape and stick the panels in place, suggesting the use of a heat gun to ensure strong adhesion. The video concludes with a recommendation to check out more products from Extreme Online Store and includes a link to purchase the showcased panel cover.