Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser Full Installing Guide Extreme Online Store ft.@NuHorizonC8

This installation video process of a Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber Replacement Rear Bumper Lower Diffuser. It advises on the necessity of specific tools, including number four machine screws for attaching the mesh. Ceramic coating is recommended to protect the diffuser from elements like sunlight and heat, with instructions provided for its application. Steps include removing the rear bumper, motion sensors, screws, and clips holding the OEM diffuser in place. After aligning and securing the new diffuser, potential issues such as needing separate screws for the bottom mesh and drilling out rivets for the exhaust shield are addressed. Final steps involve reinstalling the rear sensors, screws, and bumper, with suggestions for troubleshooting, such as filing down holes for proper alignment if necessary.