Corvette Cold Air Induction Kits Still Breaking Records After 20 Years

Most aftermarket manufacturers make bold claims. But how many of them back up those claims with actual results?

As you already know, the Corvette aftermarket is overloaded with manufacturers, resellers, and of course, parts. There are so many options out there that it’s oftentimes difficult to figure out what go-fast goodies are best for your Corvette.

But that’s where Corvette Forum comes into play, of course, where you can find thousands of fellow enthusiasts who have tried just about any and every combination available. Often with proven dyno results that back up their claims.

Members are also quick to call out parts and accessories that don’t live up to their claims. So, when you’ve got a company that’s been an active member of Corvette Forum for nearly 17 years, well, you know they’re legit. We’re talking, of course, about Halltech Systems.

The Ixonia, Wisconsin-based company manufactures and sells cold air intakes and induction systems for a variety of models. But since the very beginning, they’ve specialized in Corvette parts for the C5, C6, and C7. And while there are loads of cold air kits out there that make bold claims in terms of power and performance potential, Halltech backs up what they sell in more ways than one.

For starters, they’re more than happy to share dyno results for all their products. And sure, we all know that results can vary depending on how happy your local tuner’s dyno is. But Halltech openly encourages customers to share their own results here in our forums as well, which is rather notable for any manufacturer — even if it means pitting their own intakes against the competition!

Clearly, Halltech is confident in the products they sell. And with proven gains of 20-70+ horsepower, why wouldn’t they be? Those results have landed them numerous magazine features in a number of cool publications. But it isn’t just dyno numbers that tell the entire story, of course. They’ve also got some time slips (and records) to back them up.

In fact, Halltech’s Killer Bee cold air induction kit is one of the handful of bolt-ons powering fellow Corvette Forum member Gary Hillen‘s world record-holding C6 Z06. This particular intake goes a little further than your average cold air kit. It actually comes pretty close to a ram air setup, in fact. And it helped Hillen achieve his record pass of 9.97 seconds at 137 mph. He’s since bested that time with an even more incredible 9.87 run!

In a world ripe with questionable claims and disappointing products, Halltech isn’t afraid to put their money where their mouth is. Thus, it’s no wonder that they’ve been a valued part of our online community for nearly two decades. So, whether you’re in the market for a little more power or a lot, Halltech’s excellent products are certainly worth a look!