Corvette Z06 is a Wicked Street and Strip Machine Looking for a Home

Corvette Z06 ran a 9.56 at 143 at 3,700 feet of density altitude, and it is a street-friendly cruiser.

While the C7 Corvette Z06 is often overshadowed by the LT5-powered ZR1, the first C7 to feature a factory-supercharged engine is no slouch. In stock form, the LT4 coupled with the automatic transmission leads to easy-11s, but when you add power and traction, the latest Z06 will run a whole lot quicker in the quarter-mile.

The 2017 Corvette Z06 shown here is a street-driven supercar that has been built to run the quarter-mile well into the 9-second range, and if you have been hunting for a machine like this, you are in luck. This car was posted to Corvette Forum‘s C7 Corvettes for Sale section by “Pinknuts,” who is asking $80,000 for this gorgeous street-and-strip Z06.


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