Does the C7 Corvette Really Have Too Much Power?

Lately, folks have been calling out various Corvette models for packing a little too much punch under the hood. But is that even possible?

For decades, we’ve lived in a society that celebrates excess. Which, of course, includes horsepower. However, in recent years, we’ve seen power figures skyrocket to levels reserved for race cars not too long ago. Those who wish to buy a 700+ horsepower car have multiple turnkey options from the factory these days.

Which is great for those of us who know how to drive them. But for whatever reason, the topic of cars having “too much power” has been a hot one here at Corvette Forum lately. From the C7 ZR1 to even the Z06 recently, there are those who think that these sorts of cars are pointless on public roads. And it’s stirred up quite the heated conversation in this thread, started by member saleen556.

“I seem to read daily about someone saying that the Z06 and ZR1 are just for bragging rights. This seems to come from base car owners as well as GS owners. Why the jealousy? These same people will brag that they own a C7 to a Mustang owner. Since when is 460 HP the perfect amount of power for anyone?”

It’s a great point, and one that devnull certainly agrees with.

“I know exactly how much power is enough…a little bit more! I love big HP cars, and this thread makes me miss my ZL1 1LE a little.”


And as Kevin A Jones notes, how do you go about determining how much power is too much?

“What’s best? 455, 460, 650, 755 HP, no absolute answer? Like so many things, totally up to individual preference. Personally, handling, braking, management of HP (regardless of quantity) thus overall driving experience is most important to me.”

Of course, some folks like to say that you can’t use all that power on the street. But saleen556 tends to disagree with that sentiment.


“The torque of the Z06 can be felt everywhere on the street. Making it much faster and more fun. One doesn’t need to floor it to feel that.”


So far, the topic of Corvette power has clearly divided opinions. So we want to know what you think. Head over here and tell us if you think the Z06 and ZR1 have too much power, or if the very idea is just plain preposterous!