Drive a Real Hot Wheels Camaro SS

My first car was a Hot Wheels. A Firebird funny car to be precise. I loved that thing, and today my 7-year-old son is enjoying it just as much as I did. As a youngster, I imagined driving that car in the quarter-mile and flipping up the body to dial in the engine and make my necessary repairs. I know I'm not alone in fantasizing about driving a real-life Hot Wheels, and when Chevy offered me an opportunity to take their 2018 Camaro SS Hot Wheels edition for a spin, I couldn't refuse.

My son always asks why we stick to the slow lane in my 1989 Land Cruiser, and he's always disappointed with the "boring" rental cars we get—so this was a prime opportunity to cash in some dad points. But wait, does the Camaro have a back seat? Spoiler: it does.

I enjoy driving a responsive vehicle, which is why it seems puzzling that our household consists of the aforementioned Land Cruiser and a 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300D, two absolute dogs. I've learned to navigate LA traffic with no issues, but jumping behind the wheel of the Camaro gave me a whole new perspective on getting from A to Z in this town.

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