Electric Corvette is Faster Than C7 Z06

The $750,000 Genovation GXE electric Corvette now holds the record for the fastest street-legal electric vehicle.

There is no shortage of highly-modified Corvettes in the world. However, Genovation Cars are doing things a bit differently. Their electrified C7 Corvette starts life as a Grand Sport chassis and evolves into the fastest electric vehicle in the world. While the company plans on producing a limited run of 75 of these crazy beasts, the price tag is $750,000. No, that is not a typo. Three-quarters of a million dollars is what you’ll pay to own one of these.

Road and Track report that this is not the company’s first go-around with an electric Corvette. In fact, the world record broken by the GXE was already held by them in their C6-based electric Corvette supercar. It was certainly no slouch with its 205 MPH top speed, but the C7-based GXE set out to take it up a notch. According to the Genovation website, the GXE makes an astonishing 800 horsepower and 718 pound-feet of torque. What’s even crazier is the fact that the electric motor comes mated to your choice of either the factory manual or automatic transmission. So, how fast is it?


To find out, the Maryland company traveled to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Which, in our opinion, boosts the cool-factor even more. Upon its remarkable runway pass, the GXE cracked 211.8 MPH. Putting its top speed above that of the C7 Z06 and just shy of the legendary ZR1’s 212 MPH top speed. However, Genovation claims it is capable of over 220 MPH.

While this is an incredible feat, is this thing worth $750,000? We understand the amount of time, effort, and engineering going into it, but the price tag just seems a tad steep.


Other than the obvious swap to electric power, the GXE packs quite a bit of change. The bespoke leather and Alcantara are pretty significant upgrades over a standard Corvette interior.= Additionally, Genovation claims that, in normal driving conditions, it has a charge range of over 175 miles. Which, is pretty impressive, considering they claim it maintains a 50/50 weight balance and will still handle like a dream.

Overall, this electric Corvette is pretty slick.  While we love the sound of the roaring V8s, we can appreciate electric vehicles, especially when they look this good. Though, the price tag certainly puts it far outside of our realm of possibility.




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