Extreme Online Store | 2016-UP Cadillac ATS-V Carbon Fiber Front Splitter Installed by @JetFuelOnly


This video is a YouTube video that demonstrates the installation of the 2016-UP CADILLAC ATS-V CARBON FIBER FRONT SPLITTER. The video is hosted by JetFuelOnly, a car enthusiast and YouTuber who specializes in performance modifications.

Once the splitter is installed, JetFuelOnly takes the car for a test drive to show off the results. The splitter does a good job of reducing front-end lift and improving overall handling. JetFuelOnly also notes that the splitter adds a more aggressive look to the ATS-V. The video concludes with JetFuelOnly providing a summary of the installation process and offering some tips for other DIYers. Overall, the video is a helpful resource for anyone considering installing a carbon fiber front splitter on their ATS-V.