Extreme Online Store | 2021+ BMW M4 Carbon Fiber Front Splitter Lip installed by @M4Dave


This video is a tutorial on how to install the 2021-UP BMW G80 M3 G82 G83 M4 CARBON FIBER FRONT SPLITTER LIP. The video is about 3 minutes long and is well-paced and easy to follow. It provides clear instructions on how to remove the stock front splitter, install the new carbon fiber splitter, and adjust the fitment. The video also includes a brief overview of the benefits of installing a carbon fiber front splitter, such as improved aerodynamics and a more aggressive look.

The video was created by @M4Dave, a BMW M4 enthusiast who has a YouTube channel dedicated to M4 content. @M4Dave is a qualified mechanic and has a wealth of experience working on BMWs. He is also a very skilled videographer, and the video is well-produced and informative.