Extreme Online Store | 6th Gen Camaro ZL1 Package Carbon Front Splitter Installed by @gvaspirated

This video is a step-by-step guide on how to install the 2019-UP CAMARO CARBON FIBER ZL1 CONVERSION FRONT SPLITTER LIP. The video is hosted by @gvaspirated, a popular automotive YouTuber who specializes in modifying Camaros. He states that the splitter helps to improve the car's aerodynamics by redirecting airflow underneath the car, which in turn reduces drag and provides more downforce. This can lead to improved handling and performance, especially at high speeds.

@gvaspirated then goes on to show how to install the splitter. He starts by removing the stock front bumper. Once the bumper is removed, he installs the splitter brackets. The splitter is then attached to the brackets using screws. 

If you are considering installing a carbon fiber front splitter on your Camaro, I highly recommend watching this video. It is a valuable resource that will help you make an informed decision.