GM ‘Insider’ Reveals Scintillating Details Surrounding C8 Corvette

We’ve heard our fair share of rumors surrounding the C8 Corvette. However, these latest tidbits sound pretty legit.

Few cars in recent memory have stoked the fires of the rumor mill greater than the C8 Corvette. And the longer we go without hearing anything official from GM, the hotter those flames burn. Sure, we’ve seen countless renderings, spy shots, and even official pictures of the car’s (gasp!) key fob. But outside of that, we basically know nothing. Except for Corvette Forummember unlimitedPower, who posted some very interesting information in this thread. But unlike most who claim to be “insiders,” this info actually makes some sense.

Reportedly, it all starts out in 2020 with a base Corvette upgrade and the return of a familiar name.

“The C8 Corvettes at Nürburgring are the real thing – the 2020 Corvette Manta Ray. This base Corvette will be powered by an updated LT1 V8 with about 520hp and 485 lb-ft torque. A DCT transaxle is used in all C8 Corvettes, no exceptions. The R&D investment in the DCT is said to be equivalent to that of both the manual and automatic in the C7 – they knew they had one chance to get the DCT right. The interior will be somewhat higher quality than the C7, and GM’s stylists have attempted a more upscale design.”

And if that isn’t interesting enough, apparently there’s more in store just a year later.

“In 2021 GM will revolutionize the Corvette lineup. In addition to the base Corvette, two different high-end models will be introduced: Corvette Grand Tour and Corvette Grand Sport. The GT is as luxurious as if Cadillac designed it, because a Cadillac team is in fact responsible for the GT.

It’s a true GT, and in addition to standard MRC, it will deploy a full gamut of NVH countermeasures like acoustic glass, heavy sound deadening, and special wheels/tires. All for a cross-country tourer that with a twist of the mode dial will handle any road or even a race track.

The GT will be propelled by a version of Cadillac’s 4.2L twin turbo V8 with the turbos moved to the sides. This engine is said to be the quietest V8 GM has ever developed. Word is that GM benchmarked the Corvette GT’s NVH against German luxury tourers from Mercedes Benz and BMW. Not sports cars, tourers.”

The new Grand Sport, on the other hand, is more focused on performance.

“The Grand Sport moniker will be used for the insane sports version and it will feature additional escalating packages with more and more track orientation. What engine, you say? Hold on to your butts because the GS will be powered by a beastly 5.5L twin turbo V8 that is said to be frighteningly powerful and in private track sessions has dominated both the Germans and Italians. Those who have driven the GS tell me that it is literally frightening to floor it. GM even had a team of lawyers in to advise on the legal perils of selling such a potent vehicle for street use.”

Interesting, indeed. The OP also goes on to note that the Corvette will evolve into its own brand, freeing up room for the next-gen Camaro to move up in the world. And as far as the far future goes, well, the OP has info on that, too.

“These will be the last of GM’s gasoline powered sports cars. A bright nuclear flash before the onset of an EV future. I’m familiar with one of the upcoming EV sports cars as well. Suffice to say, performance gearheads have absolutely nothing to worry about because every one of the sports cars (and sports CUVs) in development at GM are poised to vastly exceed expectations.”

Unsurprisingly, virtually every Corvette Forum member that has responded to this post believes the OP. And so far, a lot of folks have chimed in. So be sure and head over here to read all of this fascinating discussion. And while you’re there, tell us what you think about these rumors!