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Got Drone? Matt Field 99 Qualifying Run (FDLB)

Formula Drift asks one simple question: got drone?

Formula Drift pro driver Matt Field is something of a fan favorite, here at Corvette Forum. His ride of choice is a C6 Corvette Z06. We rode in it, and it’s insane. This C6Z uses the LS7 V8, which is boosted, with a Vortech supercharger, and gassed up with nitrous. It produces 1,050 horsepower when de-tuned for longevity.

It’s also very good at turning that massive power into tire smoke, often at speeds in excess of 100 MPH. But how do you really showcase what this insane car can do? Well, for Formula Drift, that meant hiring professional drone pilot JohnnyFPV to capture the action up close and at speed.

The end result is a nice, smoky piece of internet magic. So, enjoy this quick clip, and wonder aloud, like us, where do we get more?


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