How to stand out from the crowd - upgrading your Corvette

How to Stand Out from the Crowd – Upgrading Your Corvette C7 or C8

Corvette owners love their cars and enjoy the speed and the power under the hood. But they appreciate very few things more than their striking good looks. And let’s face it — this car has style! Its sleek design conveys power, quality, reliability, and even speed.


Extreme Online Store understands Corvettes, and we know the people who own them. We also know that Corvette owners love to stand out from the crowd. Here are some valuable tips for personalizing your prized possession so it gets noticed.

Decide what you want

Before buying any car modification parts or accessories, decide what you like about your car right now and what you’d like to improve. Do you want to enhance the aesthetic or performance or both? Whichever decision you make, work out your budget and get started!

Become inspired by checking out aero kit designs you see at your local car club or rally.

Explore our website for more inspiration. You will see an impressive range of inspirational quality kits in multiple surface finishes and other accessories that will get your creative juices flowing. Remember, you will save yourself money and time if you are clear on the basics before starting.

Ask experts before you buy

Enhancing or restoring your Corvette C7 or C8 can be a considerable investment of time, energy, and money. Because it is such a huge venture, it pays to plan your project. Being organized in this way will ensure you make good decisions and use your money and time wisely. If you need assistance planning your project, the team at Extreme Online Store is more than happy to help. This is one of our specialties. Let us help you decide which exterior Corvette parts and accessories will best fit your needs.

Upgrading options

Replacing the front bumper

Upgrading your front bumper can improve stability and increase airflow. This upgrade can include splitters, front lips, body panels, or other components designed specifically for later-model and newer Corvettes. At Extreme Online Store, we manufacture all our car parts on-site using strong and light materials that resist cracking and breakage. We can deliver them straight to you to install.

Adding front splitter, side skirts, and rocker panels

To improve aerodynamic performance as well as protect your new body panels and paint job from debris flying up from the road, consider installing a front splitter, side skirts as well as side rocker panels. These car modifications will safeguard that custom paint job and really make your vehicle stand out. At Extreme Online Store, we have an impressive selection to choose from.

Adding spoilers

Spoilers redirect the airflow along the body of your Corvette, also called drag. This improves overall handling. Front spoilers reduce the amount of air flowing underneath the vehicle, which reduces aerodynamic lift and drag. Upgrading your rear spoiler can significantly affect how your car performs. Adding a rear spoiler creates a gentler slope from the roof to the rear of the Corvette, increasing aerodynamic performance.

Not only this, but they also look so stylish and are often used just for aesthetics. At Extreme Online Store, our spoilers are made of reinforced ABS plastic with a carbon finish.

Choose a company you trust 

When planning your upgrade, it's essential to choose your Corvette specialist carefully. At Extreme Online Store, we don't just sell products; we take the time to understand your needs before recommending the best product for your car modification project. 

We also show you how 

When you buy from us, we take the time to walk you through the custom installation process. We include informative instructional videos on each product page to support your DIY car modification project.

We make quality products  

We manufacture our products on-site in the US, which means we can control the quality and reliability of what we sell to you. Rest assured that every product is rigorously tested, reducing the chance of cracks and breakage occurring. This means your upgrade should look good for a very long time. 

Contact our expert team today to make your Corvette the most photographed car in your neighborhood. We are here to help.