Loving Your 2015 Dodge Charger? Find the Perfect Parts, Accessories and Updates in Our Range

Loving Your 2015 Dodge Charger? Find the Perfect Parts, Accessories and Updates in Our Range

There's much to love about the 2015 Dodge Charger. This was the year Dodge upped the ante once again, softening the auto's nose and adding smoother curves as they delivered the most aerodynamic Charger to date. Updated suspension and brakes improved operation and driving experience, while a redesigned interior proved a hit with fans of the classic American manufacturer.

We love the 2015 Charger, and so do you – but this doesn't mean it can't be tweaked and improved with the right approach to modification. Check out some of the key parts and accessories in our range, and put your own stamp on this very special auto.

Front Splitters

Engineered with reinforced polypropylene, front splitters divert high pressure air pockets over the top of the Charger, increasing downforce and kicking performance up a notch. They look fantastic too, complementing the iconic front end that makes Dodge's vehicles so popular among fans of American auto design. Choose from Track or Performance front splitter models, and achieve the results you want from your modification.

Side Skirts

With our range, we want to ensure you have everything you need to boost your enjoyment of the stunning Dodge Charger 2015. We don't leave anything to chance, offering parts and accessories for the whole vehicle – front to back, top to bottom and side to side. This means we also provide side skirts for you to further improve the aerodynamics of the Charger, reducing air resistance and improving fuel efficiency in the process. Fit these skirts to any Charger model from 2011 onward, benefiting from tough carbon fiber and polypropylene materials that resist wear and tear.

Rear Spoilers

Push the aesthetic and performance of your 2015 Dodge Charger to the next level with wickerbill rear spoilers. These spoilers are designed to match the sleek lines and robust look of the Charger, providing the perfect accessory for your vehicle. But, of course, the spoiler does more than this, offering the downforce required to get the very best out of the Dodge's powerful potential. The wickerbill itself is a small tab fitted to the narrow edge of the spoiler – a handy little addition that makes a big difference to the auto's handling.

Rear Diffusers

You love the way your 2015 Charger looks – and this means the whole vehicle, not just the front end. Extend that same care and that same attention to detail to the rear of the Dodge too, with exhaust diffusers crafted from durable carbon fiber and reinforced plastic. Like all the best parts and accessories, the exhaust diffuser looks the part while also enhancing performance and handling. These products reduce the pressure of the air beneath the Charger's underbody, increasing driver control and ride responsiveness.

Window Visors

The window visors in our range are compatible with many different Dodge Charger models, including those produced before 2015. Fitting onto the top side of the window glass, these visors are manufactured using high-quality polycarbonate and enhance the aerodynamic profile of the vehicle. At the same time, sun glare is reduced, providing a more comfortable ride for everyone on board, and wind noise is minimized – open your windows, ventilate your vehicle as you drive, and avoid the annoying booming of the wind even at higher speeds. A smoky tint makes sure the aesthetic is still looking its very best, while the beveled edge enhances the muscular lines of the vehicle's bodywork.

Handle Your Dodge Charger 2015 Modification Project the Right Way

We are always looking to update our line of Charger parts and accessories. Check out our product pages to find the latest products in our collection and enjoy free domestic shipping to 48 states. Get in touch with our team to discover more.