Magnuson Z06 will have You Betting on Black in the Casino

Dubbed the ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,’ C7 Z06 packs 1,000 hp under the cut-out hood.

Corvette Forum continues to bring you the badass Corvettes from SEMA 2018. And there’s plenty that we’d like to share with you, so let’s go.

As John Cutter once said, “Always bet on black.” This is definitely true with Magnuson Superchargers and their latest masterpiece, framed upon a black C7 Z06.


Proclaimed the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” by the Ventura, California, supercharger builder, their Z06 isn’t hiding its special sauce, not with the cut-out carbon fiber hood revealing how well the company’s TVS 2650 supercharger system fits under the hood.

Made for LT1s and LT4s, the TVS 2650 hybrid-roots supercharger is capable of producing more than 1,000 horsepower at the rear tires, with 20 pounds of boost. The entire system won’t have you struggling to control the beast, though, as it’s designed to allow equipped cars like the Z06 to maintain their driveability and reliability. It’s also easy to install, as every component is bolted-on.


The rest of this hardcore Z06 is pretty cool, too, like the front carbon fiber splitter and rear carbon fiber/plastic rear spoiler, as well as the meaty rear Mickey Thompsons to keep those thousand horses firmly planted on the asphalt. The interior has a full roll cage, though, in case things do get too hairy with the TVS 2650.


Magnuson says the TVS 2650 system will go on sale in March, just in time to see how well it works in the upcoming C8 Corvette. Until then, always bet on this black Z06.