Make Your Subaru WRX | STi Stand Out at Your Next Show

Make Your Subaru WRX | STi Stand Out at Your Next Show

Your Subaru WRX | STi is one of the most highly acclaimed cars of the moment, and you must be delighted with its performance at every level. After all, it has some amazing capability as standard and is a head-turner in its basic form. Yet you may want to stand out even more in the crowd, especially if you love showing off your Subie at those car shows. So, what aftermarket accessories can you source to make your WRX or STI even more spectacular, both inside and out?

Front Splitters Ground Effect

Back outside, many Subaru aftermarket parts can dress up your vehicle and make it look even better. For example, you may want to fit a front splitter lip for added ground effect so you can take even more advantage of that surefooted four-wheel drive.

EOS Subaru WRX / STi Front Splitter Lip Ground Effect 

Side Skirts / Rocker Panels

To round out your aerodynamic package, you must fit a set of side skirts. These are designed to fit seamlessly to the rocker panels and once again help to channel airflow and make your Subaru stick to the road like glue.

Remember, all these aerodynamic aids are meant to regulate pressure levels as the air is effectively split across the top or bottom of the vehicle. A good set of side skirts will prevent any unwanted airflow from getting beneath the chassis via the sides. The skirts will help extend the body of the vehicle closer to the ground with the added benefit of making your WRX or STI look even better at the show.

 EOS Subaru WRX / STi Side Skirts Rocker Panels

Rear Trunk Spoiler

Options At the rear of the car, you’ll have a choice of spoilers. You could start with the “duckbill” trunk spoiler made from carbon fiber and ABS plastic to help the airflow push the back of the car and increase downforce. There is a high kick version available too, or you can choose a rear gurney flap spoiler extension for added deflection.

2015-21 Subaru WRX STi High-Kick Duckbill Rear Spoiler

Leather Seat Covers

Turning to the inside first, add a touch of style and look after your investment with a set of custom leather seat covers. These are made from premium artificial leather in different colors, waterproof, and very soft to the touch. They’ll help protect your factory upholstery and avoid some of that wear and tear while being easy to slide on or off whenever needed.


Wind Deflectors / Visors Vents

Wind Deflectors fitted carefully above your front windows can also help improve aerodynamic performance, visual appeal, and comfort. In this case, they will deflect air and thus reduce wind noise while allowing you to let fresh air into the cabin without getting wet.

Exhaust System

Axle Back Exhaust are so important when it comes to showing off your performance car, so why not fit a set of quad burned tips? These come with all of the hangers and gaskets with double-walled tips and a round-angle cut. They’re finished in anodized silver and will perfectly set off the rear of your Subaru.

Other Options

You can also fit a third brake light lamp with rear fog light assembly in between your quad tips to complement the overall appearance. And finally, pay equal attention to the front aesthetic as well by fitting a carbon fiber front grill cover. Choosing Your Aftermarket Accessories As you can see, there are many Subaru aftermarket accessories available for your WRX or STI. They’ll improve handling when you head off the beaten track for some weekend motoring and will make your vehicle the talk of the town at your next show appearance. Chat with us here at Extreme Online Store, and we will introduce you to the broad range of accessories available.