Mid-engine C8 Corvette Key Fob Leaked Online!

This sure looks like the official C8 Corvette key… And Corvette Forummembers have a lot to say about it.

By now, you’re probably weary after looking at what seems like endless renderings and spy shots of the forthcoming mid-engine C8 Corvette. And we don’t blame you. We’re officially at the point where we just need to see the darn thing live, in production-ready form.

And now, we’ve found at least something related to the C8 Corvette that appears to be official. Even if it’s just the key fob! This interesting unveiling was originally uncovered by the intrepid folks at Road & Track, who made the discovery via an official FCC filing. As you might imagine, it also quickly became a hot and humorous topic here at Corvette Forum.

WICKEDFRC jokingly suggests that this humble key fob might actually tip off some styling cues for the C8.

“If you zoom in on the key fob, you can easily see the outline of the new C8.”

Which leads to an obvious request from MrBrightside.

“QUICK! Someone make a new render!”

Sure enough, eyedeekay quickly comes up with something worth speculating about.

Some, like tomlink, just notice and appreciate the freshly designed fob.

“Not drastic, but definitely different from the C7 logo. It has more vertical sweep. And also the ‘V’ is closed between the two flags.”

Others, including elegant, take this humble key fob as a sign of something much bigger.

“The fact that the device has been submitted to the FCC, which must review and approve all communications devices (which key fobs are defined as), puts the earlier Photoshop theory to bed. Also, the sentence in the R&T article pointing out that it is not just the first stage prototype part, but a pre-production part, further confirms what the smart money here has been saying all along, that the 2020 mid-engine Corvette is coming.”

The rest of the opinions on this mysterious Corvette key fob are quite mixed. Some feel that it’s too cheap looking for a high-end sports car. Others think it’s pretty cool. And heck, despite the obvious legitimacy of the source, others think that it’s just a 3D-printed pre-production fob. So we want to know what you think. Head over here and chime in with your thoughts about this fascinating development!