Monstrous C6 Corvette Beats Everyone but the Super Bikes

900 Horsepower C6

The star of this show is a black C6 Corvette and while the details are short, we know that it has some variety of LSX engine fitted with a Vortech YSI supercharger, resulting in 900 horsepower. We are going to guess that to be 900 wheel horsepower, based on the results of this racing footage. Also, we don’t know what transmission is in this car, but it seems to be a well-shifted manual and the car clearly has big, sticky tires out back.

As for the other vehicles in the video, there are even less details. We don’t know anything about the motorcycles and we have only sparse details on the other cars, but what we do know is that this black C6 takes every other car to task on the street.

Vette-on-Vette Action

During the course of this video, the 900-horsepower C6 Corvette races three other Vettes. The first is a C7 Z06 with nitrous that hangs with the hero car for a bit, but then disappears out back at higher speeds. The second Corvette battle comes with the “Dark 1” C7 Z06, which takes a worse beating than the first LT4 car...

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Monstrous C6 Corvette Beats Everyone but the Super Bikes