Now Is a Great Time to Buy a C7 Corvette Z06

Ripe for the Picking

We've been saying for months now that you can score leftover C7 Corvettes for a great price with the C8 lurking. And even though inventories are drying up, there are apparently still some amazing deals out there in the world. Chevy has been discounting the C7 for some time now, but there are no deals left on the base Stingray, Grand Sport, or ZR1. But the Z06 is still ripe for the picking.

Price Cut

GM is offering a $6,338 price cut on new Z06 models, with an additional $2,000 cash allowance for a grand total of $8,338 in savings. That's a pretty solid offer and one that cuts a hefty sum off the Z06's base price of $81,995 for a coupe or $86,495 for a convertible.

Small Selection

Of course, you're probably not going to find any stripped out base models sitting around. Nor will you have a massive selection of colors or options to choose from. But if you aren't picky, you'll be rewarded with a nice saving.

Further Negotiation

From what we've seen, the majority of C7 Corvette inventory that remains on dealer lots consists of fully loaded cars. But the good news is, you should be able to negotiate an even better deal on these cars. After all, dealers are likely just looking to get them off their lots at this point.

All Must Go

Inventory costs money, and with the C8 arriving any day now, dealers need the space. They also figure to lose even more leverage when the new mid-engine car is sitting next to the old front-engine model. Even if many Corvette Forum members actually prefer the C7 over the new car.

Good Value

So if you're hesitant to change and/or prefer the C7 to the C8, now appears to be the time to strike. You certainly won't get much more of a performance car for your money than a heavily discounted Z06, that's for sure.