‪@NuHorizonC8‬ Installing Corvette C8 Performance Ducktail Rear Trunk Spoiler From EOS


In this video by ‪@NuHorizonC8, you'll learn how to install carbon fiber hood from EOS on a Chevrolet Corvette C8. The process, which takes 2 to 4 hours, begins with removing the rear bumper. A detailed how-to video for this step is referenced within the video and description.

After removing the bumper, clean the duct tail with alcohol sheets and apply 3M double-sided tape. Next, remove the tail lights and center tail light using a 7mm socket, and unplug the connectors. If no wing was previously installed, use a template to drill necessary holes.

Clean the bumper area with isopropyl alcohol, perform a dry fit of the duct tail, and adjust the holes if needed. Once aligned, peel back the tabs on the 3M tape sections and secure the duct tail using the provided bolts. Ensure not to over-torque. Reinstall the center and tail lights, replug the connectors, and reattach the bumper. For further details and other installation videos, check out the video’s description and comments section.