@NuHorizonC8 Reviewing the Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber Waterfall Overlay From Extreme Online Store


In this YouTube video review, the host explores the Carbon Fiber Waterfall Overlay for the C8 Corvette by Extreme Online Store (EOS). The overlay consists of two pieces: the main waterfall feature and an additional piece behind the speaker. The host emphasizes the quality of the carbon fiber finish, praising its intricate details. The overlay is highlighted for its easy installation with pre-installed 3M tape. The video discusses the pricing for individual pieces, with the main waterfall piece priced at $429.99 and the overlay piece at $200. A combo kit featuring both pieces is available for $619. The host recommends ceramic coating for protection against potential yellowing from sunlight exposure. After installing the overlay in a C8 Corvette, the host provides an honest review, noting the straightforward installation but offering a caveat about potential issues with the adhesive. While the main waterfall feature receives positive feedback for fitment and appearance, the additional carbon fiber piece is critiqued for not covering as much as expected, especially noticeable in lighter interiors