Say Hello to the 2024 Corvette Z06 GT3.R!


Looking to buy a turnkey Corvette Z06 racecar for professional competition? Starting in 2024, that’s exactly what you can do with the Z06 GT3.R.

With the undeniable dominance of the C8.R in the IMSA series, Chevrolet has the world in its sights. Now we can also join the fun with the new 2024 Corvette Z06 GT3.R. This track-ready monster will incorporate 24 years of success into an FIA-legal competitor. Privateer teams (like the Callaway GT3) won’t be forced to cut up a production car, and we know a few of you will figure out how to get them past the DMV.

At the heart of the Z06 GT3.R is a 5.5-liter, DOHC LT6 V8 engine with the same flat-plane crankshaft architecture that powers the Corvette C8.R. “It’s an exciting time for Corvette – first with the reveal of the production Z06 and now confirming the Corvette Z06 GT3.R for customer racers,” said Mark Stielow, Chevrolet Director of Motorsports Competition Engineering. “The availability of the Z06 GT3.R will allow customer race teams the opportunity to campaign a Corvette that has benefited from Corvette Racing’s rich history.”

The GT3 Class allows for ABS, traction control, air jacks, and other modern conveniences, but the engine could be restricted by the “Balance of Performance.” This complex algorithm mandates intake restrictor plates and sometimes involves adding ballast weight to the car if it’s too fast. This will put owner/drivers up against the Porsche 911, Lamborghini Huracan, Aston-Martin V12 Vantage, and even the Bentley Continental.

GM plans to build each to order, and it could be the most affordable way to join the GT3 series.

GM’s Z06 GT3.R press release also notes that Corvette Racing car #3 will be transitioning to GTD-PRO. Andy Garcia and Jordan Taylor will have less downforce and a few less horsepower at their command, but they will also have ABS and other driver helpful systems mandated by IMSA.

Backed by the successes of the current C8.R, car #64 will remain in GTE-PRO, but it will enter the 2022 World Endurance Championship. This six-race series involves thousands of miles at Sebring, Monza, Fuji, and of course, LeMans. This will also be the first time that two factory Corvette teams have competed in different classes at the historic track. This means we could potentially see IMSA, WEC, and GT3 action simultaneously, what an age to be alive.

Team Corvette has 119 wins, 13 manufacturer’s championships and eight Le Mans series victories. Now battling in two classes and offering a GT3 for us amateurs, the world will see what we’re capable of.

Photos: General Motors


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