Toyota Supra Center Console Panel Arm Rest Cover Installation EOS ft. @VinceChristmastree


The video features @VinceChristmastree demonstrating the installation of a carbon overlay on the center console panel armrest cover of a Toyota Supra. He thanks Extreme Online Store for providing the part for review and installation. The part, identified as part number SBC-563-BKCF, is shown to have a glossy finish and is equipped with 3M double-sided tape for installation. Vince prepped the part off-camera by polishing it with a micro polisher and applying Adam's Graphene Ceramic Coat. Thicker double-sided tape was added to ensure a secure fit, as Vince found the provided tape to be insufficient. Installation involves aligning the overlay with the buttons, inserting the shifter through the top, and pressing down firmly on the sides.