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Wicked Turbo C7 Corvette Blows Its Own Doors Off

Pro Mod Corvette packs 3,500 horsepower from twin-turbo big block V8.

The video above comes to us from the National No Prep Racing Association YouTube channel and it features the “Plan B” Pro Mod Corvette from Street Outlaws participating at an event in Colorado. In this clip, the twin-turbo C7 race car takes on another Street Outlaws regular, the “Birdman” fourth generation Pontiac Firebird. With upwards of 6,000 horsepower on hand and a slick track, these GM monsters square off in a fantastic drag race.

The Competitors

In the near lane, we have the “Plan B” Chevrolet Corvette Pro Mod race car owned by Mike Henson and in the far lane, we have the Pontiac Firebird race car of James “Birdman” Finny.

Birdman Firebird

Birdman’s Firebird is motivated with a 622 cubic-inch big block Chevy V8 fitted with a pair of 98-millimeter turbochargers. Based on estimates floating around the internet, this engine combination is making around 3,000 horsepower.

The Plan B Corvette is powered by a 540-cubic inch big block Chevy V8 sporting Brodix cylinder heads and 91-millimeter turbochargers. On full boost, this engine is capable of making around 3,500 horsepower, although the team cranks the power down a bit for no prep events in an effort to preserve traction.

Pro Mod Corvette

These cars are known from the Street Outlaws television show, but more importantly, they are two of the baddest GM drag cars in the scene today and in the video below, they go head-to-head.

The Battle

Corvette Vs Firebird

After both cars do big, rolling burnouts, the boosted Corvette and boosted Firebird ease to the line. When the green lights drop, the cars leave the line side by side and the Plan B car inches ahead as they near the 1/8th-mile finish line. Just before taking the win, the passenger’s side door of the Corvette flies off, so the Pro Mod Chevy is so fast that it can blow off its own doors.


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Wicked Turbo C7 Corvette Blows Its Own Doors Off

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