Will GM’s Massive Cuts Spell Doom for the Corvette?

GM shocked us by announcing it’s killing off a number of cars and closing plants. So will this affect the Corvette?

The news shook the automotive world to its very core. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, right in the midst of the holiday season, General Motors announced that it was closing multiple factories and killing off much of its passenger car lineup. Which, as you might imagine, freaked out a lot of people. Including Corvette Forum member Jerradl1987, who openly wondered if this move would affect the future of the sports car we all know and love.

“So I was reading on multiple news outlets that GM is closing multiple factories, and killing off multiple vehicles like XTS, Impala, LaCrosse, Volt, CT6, Cruze, and some others. With this happening and there not being any more sightings of the Corvette ME mules running around,  could GM possibly put a halt to the ME car? I know GM is cutting sedans in favor of crossovers and SUVs. But it is something to think about.”

It’s hard to fathom GM killing off something it’s already very much invested in, of course. As BMadden is quick to point out.

“They would not have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the BG plant if the Corvette was in danger. Zero chance the C8 gets cancelled.”

And maybe the sudden disappearance of Corvette mules has a purpose as well, according to Jeff V..

“Corvette will be fine. They’re probably just lying low right now because it would contradict the message they’re trying to put out there. ‘We’re downsizing the company and clearing the decks of cars so we can focus on electrification, automation, blah blah blah. Oh, by the way, here’s our new 600 hp mid-engine supercar.’ I do, however, think this reduces the already diminishing likelihood that we’ll see the new car in Detroit in January.”

Perhaps, however, this means we won’t see dual model production, as mjross notes.

“You might be right about the C8 Corvette. But based on what I’m hearing on the news right now, I do not see how Chevy can justify producing the C7 at the same time. Just does not seem possible with the crisis GM is currently in.”

And several members, including Foosh, don’t believe GM is even in a crisis to begin with.

“GM is not in a crisis and is doing exactly what Ford announced 6 months ago. Both are very healthy companies and they’re doing what’s necessary to stay that way. Normal US car sales are dying in favor of SAV/SUVs and trucks. However, sporty cars still do well, and Ford is keeping the Mustang as its only car. Likewise, GM will keep the very profitable Corvette available in a broad range of price brackets.”

Thus, it appears that the rumors of the Corvette’s demise are greatly exaggerated. But still, we want to know what you think. So head over here and tell us is you think this recent news will affect the Corvette in any way!