Will the C8 Corvette Be A Ferrari SF90 Stradale Killer?

Would you be happy if the C8 Corvette looks and performs like a Ferrari hypercar for a lot less coin?

We’re only weeks away from perhaps the most anticipated automotive unveiling of the decade – the C8 Corvette. But chances are, unless you’ve been living off the grid the last week or so, you probably also caught the unveiling of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, a truly ground-breaking car in its own right.

The all-wheel drive hybrid monster cranks out a total of 986 horsepower and reportedly catapults to 62 mph in just 2.5 seconds. So you can’t blame Corvette Forum member mracer for wondering if, possibly, the C8 Corvette could compete with the latest and greatest Prancing Horse.

 OK, so if you squint a little, we can almost see the similarities between the two. But Tool Hoarder is quick to throw cold water on the idea that the C8 Corvette could be a much cheaper Ferrari clone.

“1. That car probably costs $500,000 if not more.

  1. That car has no usability or cargo requirements at all.
  2. We haven’t seen the uncovered C8 because it’s not 7/18/19.

I like Ferraris, they’re beautiful, but I want a Corvette that is mid-engine…not a Ferrari copy.”

On the other hand, Tennis & Golf Nut would be totally cool with it. And who can blame him? Italian style with American muscle and reliability? Sounds like a winning combo to us.

“Ferrari clone with a GM engine and drivetrain is fine with me. You put a GM engine and trans in that SF90 Stradle, sell it for less than $120,000 and there will be a ******* wait list for years.”

Hilariously enough, Ferrari fans are already complaining that the rear end of the car looks too much like a Corvette (or Camaro, in our opinion), too. Just look at those taillights!

There are those who felt like GM was almost trying to copy Ferrari styling, even before the SF90’s unveiling. Heck, we’ve seen plenty of comparisons to the 488 to this point. But as tcinla points out, we won’t know if the C8 Corvette is a true Ferrari killer for a few more weeks.

“GM stealing Ferrari sales….mythology in action. Now, GM copying Ferrari styling? Only in as much as most mid-engine cars share a general ‘wedge’ shape. Is GM intending to copy Ferrari? I don’t think so but we’ll find out in 49 days.”


So we want to know – is this such a bad thing? Are you secretly hoping that the C8 Corvette will offer similarly sexy styling and extreme performance at a budget price? Or would you rather the new ‘Vette not look like an Italian sports car? Head over hereand let us know!