Will the Mid-engine C8 Corvette Kill Off the Corvette We Know and Love?

Radical changes have some Corvette Forum members scared that the C8 could be the very last Corvette. Here’s why they’re wrong.

In this day and age, overreactions are the norm. But that isn’t going to stop us from calling them out when we see ’em. And when it comes to the all-new, mid-engine C8, people are overreacting a tad too much. For a vehicle we barely actually know anything about, there are an awful lot of folks jumping to conclusions. And it all culminates with this recent Corvette Forum thread, where C2C3C4C6 wonders if we’ll one day credit the C8 with killing off the legendary brand altogether.

“Do you think such a radical departure from the proven Corvette formula has the potential of killing off the ‘Vette? We will see.”

Right off the bat, smithers admits that it just might. But there are other, rosier possibilities, too.

“Of course it does. But it it also has the potential to bring in new enthusiasts who didn’t previously want a Corvette and make the brand more popular than ever.”

Darion feels like the continued success of the Corvette boils down to the cost of the C8.

“Let’s see what the value proposition looks like, that is Corvette tradition. All the performance for the buck is icing on top. Only way I’ll be out is if that dollar formula moves to far up.”

Then again, gthal points out that sticking with a traditional formula might have been more dangerous than going with a radically different one.

“Do you know what would kill the Corvette? Thinking we are still in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s and failing to evolve. Becoming the dodo bird. The C8 will make the Corvette awesomer (yes, I know that’s not a word). Yes, GM could do something stupid and price the car out of the market.

But, aside from that, the C8 will simply allow the Corvette to evolve and compete with sports cars into the future. A mid-engine platform will improve performance. Where the engine sits doesn’t ruin the car – it will do the opposite. They won’t ruin the look. The sun will rise tomorrow and the world of Corvette will continue. I find it interesting how people have such a hard time with change.”

And quite a few folks agree, including FringbirdAloha.

“Sears, Blockbuster, and Kodak went under for holding onto their past and not evolving. Exactly what Chevy is NOT doing with the revolutionary C8.”

Sure enough, it seems like we hear these same doom and gloom predictions with each new generation of Corvette. Since the C8 is such a massive change, it also shouldn’t surprise us that many people are worried about it. So we want to know what you think. Head over here and tell us if the C8 will be the last gen Corvette, or if it’s exactly what the legendary model needs to survive!