Would You Trade Your Corvette for a 1,000 Horsepower Camaro SS?

Turnkey 8-second Camaro powered by a bottled LSX 440 is one hell of a sleeper.

Do you have a C7 Corvette, but you would rather have a Camaro SS with over a thousand wheel horsepower and the ability to cover the quarter-mile in the high-8s? “Steven Bruno” recently posted a murdered-out muscle car that fits that description and he is looking to trade straight-up for a C7. He would also consider a cash offer of $45,000, or if any C7 Z06 owners would like to trade for the Camaro, the OP is willing to add cash to the trade.

LSX 440 Power

The heart of this 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS is a built LSX 440. It was built with some of the best parts available, with the key components being listed in the thread.

Callies crank and rods

Diamond-coated 11:1 pistons

Cam Motion solid roller

Isky Red Zone lifters

Smith Brothers pushrods

Mast Motorsports Black Label heads

Titanium valves and valve springs

T&D shaft-mounted rockers

Carbon fiber valve covers

Holly Hi-Ram intake

Aluminum fuel cell

Aeromotive Eliminator electric pump and filter

Kooks Stainless headers, mufflers and exhaust

Electronic cut outs

This huge V8 is also fitted with a Nitrous Outlet direct port system that helps this Camaro deliver 1,036 horsepower to the rear wheels.


Proper Drivetrain

To handle all of that power, this 2010 Camaro has a Roesler Turbo 400 automatic transmission with a reverse manual valve body and an ATI 5,000-rpm stall torque convertor, an aluminum driveshaft and a Driveshaft Shop 9-inch rear differential with 1,400-horsepower axles.

A set of 10-inch-wide CCW wheels mounted in 16-inch drag radials put that power to the ground, although some pictures have the car wearing different wheels. The thread also listed matching front CCW wheels, so it must come with the “drag pack” setup.


Finally, this Camaro has a BMR suspension package with Strange coilovers at all four corners, allowing this car to really make good use of all of that LSX power. While you wouldn’t guess it at a quick glance, this SS has run a best quarter mile of 8.94 at 149 miles per hour, so this is a legit, 8-second street car with over a thousand wheel horsepower.

Other Upgrades

Other upgrades include a rear seat delete, a fuel cell mounted in the trunk, a COPO-style hood with a huge raised cowl area and in order to legally run as quick as it does in the quarter mile, this Camaro has a roll cage.


Oh, the factory air conditioning still works, so you can drive this car on a hot day in comfort and when you stop in at the local track, you can realistically aim for the 8-second range.

The Deal

This 2010 Camaro SS was listed as a “want to trade” thread and the OP’s first choice seems to be a C7 Corvette, but he is willing to add cash for someone with a new Z06 who is looking to get into an 8-second muscle car.


Finally, if you don’t have a Corvette that you want to trade, the OP will take $45,000 cash, so regardless of your situation, if you have been dreaming of owning an 8-second, here is your chance.