YouTuber Presents the Five Best Parts of Owning a C7 Corvette

From ease of maintenance to smiles per mile, you can hardly go wrong with having a C7 in your driveway as a daily.

As far as high-performance cars go, the Corvette has always been the supercar for those who love American horsepower while standing toe-to-toe with the best from Europe and Japan, especially with the current C7 and upcoming C8 generations.

And unlike its competitors, the Corvette is right for everyone. Just ask YouTuber Bladed Angel, who owns a yellow C7 Z06. He loves his car so much, that he’s found five wonderful surprises from using the Z06 as his daily.


“The first thing that really, really surprised me is the Corvette’s gas mileage, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean that in a fantastic way,” said Angel as he takes his Z06 out for a drive somewhere in Atlanta.

Thanks to his Corvette’s active fuel management and eight-speed auto, he’s managed to net 28 to 30 mpg on the highway, and even hypermiled the car “down the Georgia mountains” to obtain 42 mpg one time. Angel is huge fan of the AFM, so much so that he opted not to buy a ZR1 or a manual Z06 due to the their lack of such a system. The result is a daily that saves him a ton of money in the long run, and helps squash complaints from non-car enthusiasts about things like “too much” horsepower that “will never be used.”


“Another thing that really impressed me about the Corvette is… that it gets a lot more attention than I thought,” said Angel. “Back when I owned my Mustang GT, I thought I was the coolest kid on the planet.”

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Of course, going from his old Indiana home (where everyone is nice) to Atlanta (where a Mustang is just a Mustang) knocked that down a peg. With the Z06, though, “everyone gives it a complement,” no matter where he is or where he goes. Plus, he doesn’t have to deal with non-enthusiasts who normally would trash similar cars like the Z06 as “overcompensation” for something, mainly because the Z06 and the Corvette in general are more attainable than, say, a Lamborghini or Ferrari.


“Another thing that surprised me about the Corvette is how smoothly it rides,” said Angel. “GM definitely knew their audience. They know that a lot of older folk buy this car, and a lot of older folk get back pain and a whole bunch of other types of pains, just ‘cuz they’re old.”

And even someone as young as Angel can appreciate the smooth ride of his Z06, especially on those long road trips between Atlanta and Indiana. His back certainly appreciates the ride, too, thanks to the car’s magnetic ride, though speed bumps and potholes can still be an issue due to the ride height.


“Another thing in regards to daily ability is really the fact that it’s so practical,” said Angel. “Obviously, you’ve seen me open the trunk in this car. It stores a lot of things. It’s a very big trunk. Much bigger than my Mustang. Pretty much comparable to a typical sedan.”

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Angel is also impressed with the big trunk opening the Z06 (and Corvettes in general) have, compared to his brother’s Camaro SSand its tiny opening, along with the tons of storage available for holding all the things that Ferraris and Lamborghinis cannot. And of course, the Corvette’s reliability is wonderful, thanks to the “very simple design” of the LS and LT engines. The ease and low cost of maintenance and parts acquisition make his choice a home run.


“On to the final point, it’s also not even that loud,” said Angel. “Thanks to the new active exhaust system, the Corvette can also change its exhaust based on whatever setting it’s in. Even when you do mod it aftermarket… as long as you still have the stock butterfly valves and all that wiring intact, it still works.”

For Angel, he puts his Z06 on stealth mode so as to not to wake his neighbors while leaving the house, especially non-enthusiasts who would love nothing more than to take down cars like his Corvette. To sum it up, the Corvette can tear it up on the track, and be one of the best daily drivers around.